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Printotech manufactures Co-Extruded Seamless Plastic Tubes in a state-of-the-art plant using the latest technologies,
 experienced personnel, good manufacturing practices and dust-free environment. 
Co-Extruded Tubes
Available Diameter’s 19Ø , 22 Ø , 25Ø , 30Ø , 35Ø , 40Ø & 50 Ø

We offer a variety of attributes that lead to a competitive edge for products at the market place. This form of packaging is safe, attractive, consumer & environment friendly, easily identifiable and provides stand-out visibility on the shelf, therefore, is considered ideal packaging for Cosmetic, Oral Care, Personal Care, Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals.

Seamless plastic tubes are squeezable and bounce back to retain original shape and give your products high visibility on the shelf at retail outlets and enhance their product image as a premium brand.
We are offering: 
  • Printed & Labeled tube,

  • Angle Tip tube (Chisel head) for Lip application.

  • Oval Tube 30Ø , 35Ø , 40Ø & 50 Ø with oval Stand up & Flip Top Caps.

  • Special Shoulder Design :Long Nozzle Tube for under Eye cream ‘or’ Spot application.

Tube body color options
  • Solid Color body

  • Pearlescent color body

  • Translucent color body

  • Transparent body

Printing/decoration options 
  • Half tone printing

  • Solid Color printing

  • Hot Foil stamping

  • Gloss & Matte lacquer

  • Screen Printing

Cap decoration options
  • Silver/Gold Foil ring on cap

  • Silver/Gold Metalized cap

  • Matt finish Cap

PGL offers a variety of tubes like Printed & Labeled that help you to position your product with a clear competitive edge in the tough market place. These tubes are ideal for their upscale decorative options, eye-catching finish and unique dispensing closures. PGL products tube sizes ranging from 19mm to 50mm dia which can fill 10ml to 250ml volume.

PGL offers three specialty tubes in 19mm dia i.e. Angle Tip for Lip application & Long Nozzle tube for Under Eye application.

Caps are available with the options of screw-on, flip-top and oriented flip-top to give the tube a perfect look.

PGL offers a variety of decoration for tubes. Upto six colors in dry offset with over varnish in Matte or Gloss finish. Additional decoration available is Screen Printing and Foil Stamping which can be offered in any color.

Tube can also be decorated with labels which allow the possibility of achieving fine tonal effects.

We offer induction sealing with poly-laminated aluminum foil for tamper-proofing of the contents.

Oval tubes are the latest shape in Co-Extruded tubes, giving wider front panel which makes the tubes stand out on shelf compare to normal round tube. They are available in dia 30/35/40 and 50mm with standup cap (in 30mm dia) and Flip Top Cap (35, 40 & 50mm) in Gloss finish.
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Laminated Tubes (ABL)
Printotech offers quality Laminated Tubes (ABL & PBL) Tubes including Seamless Oval Tubes and Laminated Tubes. Laminated Tubes are of two kinds - ABL and PBL.
ABL - Aluminum Barrier Laminated tubes
  • Dia Available 19Ø; 22Ø; 30Ø; 35Ø; 40Ø & 50Ø with Top Seal

  • Caps Available: Fez, Stand Up & Flip Top (Screw on and Snap-Fit)

  • Super Slim Oval 35 dia tube with push fit standup cap.

PBL - Plastic Barrier Laminated tubes
  • 19Ø; 22Ø; 30Ø; 35Ø; 40Ø & 50Ø with Top Seal

  • Shoulder: Chisel Head for Lip balm tube in 19Ø,

  • Oval in 30Ø, 35Ø, 40Ø & 50Ø.

  • Caps Available: Stand Up & Flip Top (Screw on and Snap-Fit) for 35Ø, 40Ø & 50Ø.

Aluminium Barrier Laminated tube
Laminated tubes are made up of five layer laminate with aluminum foil, which gives excellent barrier strength advantage of traditional metal tube & the attractive graphics and tactile feel of plastic tubes.

The ABL tubes give good “collapsible” effect which is desirable where precise dispensing of product is required. Today, ABL laminated tubes are not only used for toothpaste applications, but also increasingly used for food, pharmaceutical,
  • Diameter Available : 19 Ø, 22 Ø, 30 Ø, 35 Ø, 40 Ø & 50 Ø

  • Caps: Fez/Conical, Standup, Flip Top in Conical & Cylindrical Caps

  • Tamper Evident: 19 Ø, 22 Ø, 30 Ø, 35 Ø, 40 Ø & 50 Ø with stdup cap.

  • Decoration: Six Colour, Foil Stamping (Silver/Gold color), UV- Varnish- Matt & Gloss

  • Manufactured on :AISA (Switzerland make), Combitool (Switzerland make)

Key Advantages
  • Excellent enhanced product shelf life,

  • Excellent barrier properties,

  • Excellent sealability,

  • Printing upto 6 color with a choice of full or spot varnish,

  • High flexibility without flex crack,

  • High filling line speed,

  • Wide variety of caps- Flip Top, Standup and Fez/Conical.

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Plastic Barrier Laminated tube (PBL)
PBL tubes are made of 5-layer laminate with “EVOH or PET” as a barrier. It combines good look with functional barrier capability.

The PBL tubes give good “bounce back” effect which is desirable for cosmetics products. It can meet the requirements for different kinds of barrier properties and well protect various contents. The printing is excellent on PBL as we can achieve any image printing in CMYK.
  • Diameter Available :19 Ø, 22 Ø, 30 Ø, 35 Ø, 40 Ø & 50 Ø.

  • Caps :Standup, Flip Top, Oval flip top caps.

  • Tamper Evident in Round Tubes: In Dia 19 Ø, 22 Ø, 30 Ø, 35 Ø, 40 Ø & 50 Ø with Standup caps.

  • Decoration: Six Colour letter press printing, Foil Stamping, UV- Varnish- Matt & Gloss

  • Manufactured on: Combitool (Switzerland make)

Key Advantage
  • Plastic structure retains its good looks after handling/pressing.

  • Completely recyclable.

  • PBL tube can hold any aggressive product.

  • Excellent barrier property to (WVTR) OTR & aroma

  • No cracking even during repeated deformation (Bending).

  • Available in slant tip applicator in 19mm Dia for Lip Balm application.

  • Special design Head slant tip/lip Balm in 19 Dia, Oval in 30 & 35 Dia.

Laminated Super Oval Tubes
We are the FIRST in the World to develop custom-made Super Oval Tubes for ‘Deo Stick’ - the product launched by our prestigious customer and ‘Godrej’ in the brand name of ‘Cinthol Deostick’. Our Laminated Super Oval Tubes have a unique dispensing with a Slit Orifice of 13x1.8mm for easy use application. This type of tube is very cost effective as it is a Laminated Tube as compared to an AEROSOL Deo Can.
Printotech currently supplies approximately 2 million tubes per month.
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Lip Balm - PBL Tube
Lip Balm tubes have a Chisel Head for easy application of the Lip Balm. These tubes have endless decoration possibilities like foiling / CMYK / Pantone Colors Printing Up to 7 Color with Gloss or Matt Lacquer. Lip Balm PBL Tubes have are exceptionally cost saving as compared to Seamless Plastic Tubes.
Metallic - PBL Tube 
Metallic tubes come with a bounce back effect which is the same as Seamless tubes. The laminate comes with dual barriers - PET & EVOH. These tubes have a superb metallic effect which gives a premium look. There are endless decoration possibilities with Metallic tubes up to 8 colours plus one colour screen printing.
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Tube Mono Layer
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Tube 3 Layer
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Tube 5 Layer
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